Sandra B.

Posted on: July 04, 2018

Meadowstone Place employee rocks!
My walker is starting to fall apart. I use it very heavily both in my personal goings-on and also in my gardening work where it gets its most significant abuse. I received this walker from a donation to the community to replace my original walker which I wore out in the same way 2 years ago. When the current walker started to wear out, some people started noticing. One of those people was Nathan, the driver of our Community bus. Now Nathan is privy to many conversations held on the bus and he recalled one couple who resides at the Community saying they had 6 walkers that they had used that were still in good shape that they were getting ready to give to the Salvation Army. With my permission Nathan talked to this couple. He and others, felt I actually needed 2 walkers, one sturdy one for use in the gardening activities and one that I could keep clean and ready to use for social activities and doctor appointments, etc. So he approached the couple and asked for 2 of their walkers for me and they were delighted to be able to help out. I immediately took possession of one of the walkers that was especially sturdy for me to use in the gardening work. Nathan felt the other one, although in fine shape esthetically, was having trouble with one wheel and wanted to take it up to one of the equipment companies and see what they would charge to fix it. He asked if I would be able to pay as much as $20 for repairs. I told him I could probably do that but if it cost more than that I would like to try to fix it myself first. So he took it away and later came back with it. The guy had replaced the wheel and had worked on the brakes a little and charged me nothing. Nathan thought maybe I could bake him some brownies next week and he would take them over to him as a Thank You. I most willingly agreed and thanked Nathan for his part in all this. So next week I will bake 3 batches of brownies, one for the couple who gave me the walkers, one for the guy who fixed the walker for free and one for Nathan who coordinated the whole thing. And now I am set with 2 walkers that look like brand new and will work for me in a way that is better than I have ever had it before.
I just can’t say enough for the people associated with Meadowstone! I thought you would enjoy this little story. There are some really good people in this world despite all we hear on the news!