The best value.

Moving to a retirement community shouldn’t mean giving up control of your life or — just as importantly — control of your budget. Meadowstone Place believes in giving you the best value for your money. There’s no large upfront entrance fee. A reasonable monthly rent includes access to dozens of enjoyable amenities and convenient services. Because you get to pick and choose the specific amenities and services that work for you, you can customize your lifestyle and pay just for what you want, and nothing that you don’t.

Being able to customize your lifestyle choices lets you save money while still making the most of diverse dining options, a wide range of amenities and outstanding customer service — all with no large upfront entrance fee. This financial control helps give you the peace of mind that’s also an important element of your personal wellness journey.

Fee structure

Meadowstone Place has a monthly service fee based on your apartment choice and the associated services and amenities that you want — and nothing that you don’t. For more information on specific pricing, please call us at 214.987.0943 to receive accurate pricing that’s tailored specifically to you.


We’re Here to Help!

With all of the decisions you need to make in choosing a senior living community, we want to make sure you and your family have the information you need. Submit a request for more information and our team will be in touch shortly →